High Yield T7 RNA Synthesis Kit

High Yield T7 RNA Synthesis Kit
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Product description: The High Yield T7 RNA Synthesis Kit is designed to produce 25-fold more full-length RNA transcript per reaction than conventional in vitro transcription reactions. The yield is up to 210μg RNA per reaction.

Materials provided with the kit:

The kit contains sufficient reagents for 50 reaction of 20μL each.

Note: 5X Reaction Buffer store at -70℃ may result in the formation of a white precipitate. If this happens, heat the tube to 37℃ for 5 minutes and mix thoroughly to resuspend the precipitate.

1. The following amounts are for a single 20 μL reaction. Reactions may be scaled up or down if desired.

* The transcript may vary depending on the amount of template DNA.

2. Mix thoroughly and incubate 2h at 37℃.

3. (optional) Add 1μL DNase I (RNase-free), mix well and incubate 30min at 37°C.

Storage Conditions: -20℃

Quality Assurance: All components are tested in a functional assay as described in this procedure. A 20μL reaction containing 1 μg of the control template DNA which codes for a ~800b transcript synthesized >150μg of RNA after a 2 hr incubation.

1. Milligan JF, Groebe DR, Witherell GW, and Uhlenbeck OC (1987) Oligoribonucleotide synthesis using T7 RNA polymerase and synthetic DNA template. Nucl. Acids Res. 15: 8783–8798.

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