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mRNA Manufacturing Services

Comprehensive and fully integrated platform for mRNA vaccine and therapy, accelerating the development of life-saving treatments.

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One-stop mRNA CDMO Service

  • Plasmid DNA (pDNA) production: Creating the DNA template used to manufacture the mRNA.
  • mRNA design and optimization: Designing the mRNA sequence for efficient protein production and incorporating modifications for stability and delivery.
  • mRNA manufacturing: Large-scale production of the mRNA molecule under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.
  • Analytical testing and quality control: Rigorous testing to ensure the mRNA meets purity, potency, and safety standards.
  • Formulation and fill-finish: Formulation of the mRNA into a stable and injectable product, followed by filling vials or syringes.
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State-of-the-art Facility

Our mRNA facility is equipped with advanced technology and processes to ensure efficient, high-quality production of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines. It consists of more than 30,000 square feet of laboratory and GMP manufacturing. It supports the production of non-GMP products for formulation development and toxicology studies, as well as GMP products for early and late-stage clinical trials. Operations commenced in 2021. 

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Complete mRNA Raw Material Portfolio

We manufacture a comprehensive range of raw materials in-house, including nucleosides, nucleotides, modified nucleotides, enzymes, cap analogues, and lipids, allowing researchers and manufacturers to focus on their mRNA development efforts without having to worry about sourcing quality materials. 

Expert in mRNA Synthesis

An experienced team with a proven track record in working with different types of RNA, including conventional mRNA, self-amplifying mRNA, and circular RNA, offers customers various platforms.

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