Ribonuclease Inhibitor, Human Placenta

Ribonuclease Inhibitor, Human Placenta
Catalog No.
>95% by SDS-PAGE
Recombinant E.coli

Product description: Ribonuclease Inhibitor, Human Placenta is a recombinant human placental protein with specifically inhibits broad-spectrum RNase such as RNase A, RNase B and RNase C. It is not effective against RNase 1, RNase T1, S1 Nuclease, RNase H, Taq DNA polymerase, M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase and T7 RNA Polymerase. The 50kDa protein exerts its inhibitory effect by noncovalently binding to RNases at 1:1 ratio. The Ki value for binding of Ribonuclease Inhibitor, Human Placenta to RNase is approximately 10-14M.

Source: Recombinant E.coli

Concentration and Size: 40U/μL

Unit Definition: One unit is defined as the amount of Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor required inhibit the activity of 5ng of ribonuclease A by 50%. Activity is measured by the inhibition of hydrolysis of cytidine 2',3'-cyclic monophosphate by ribonuclease A.

Storage Buffer: 20mM HEPES-KOH (pH7.6), 50mM KCl, 8mM DTT, 50%(v/v) glycerol.

1. Ribonuclease Inhibitor is active over a broad pH range (pH5.5-9).

2. Ribonuclease Inhibitor is used in the standard RT and in vitro transcription, and the final concentration is 1U/μL.

3. To prevent the release of active ribonuclease, temperatures greater than 50℃ and high concentrations of urea or other denaturing agents should be avoided.

Storage Conditions: -20℃

Quality Assurance: Free of endonuclease, exonuclease, Nickase, RNase and latent RNase activities.

Physical Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE.

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