Dyes and quenchers are two essential components in many diagnostic assays, particularly those that utilize fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). FRET is a process where the energy absorbed by a fluorophore (dye) is transferred to a quencher molecule in close proximity. This transfer of energy disrupts the fluorophore's ability to emit its own fluorescence, resulting in a signal that can be measured.


Dyes and quenchers are widely used in various diagnostic assays, including:


Real-time PCR (qPCR): qPCR is a technique used to detect and quantify specific DNA sequences. In qPCR assays, dyes and quenchers are often attached to oligonucleotide probes that bind to the target DNA sequence. When the probe is intact, the quencher absorbs the energy from the dye, preventing fluorescence. However, when the probe hybridizes to the target DNA, the dye and quencher are separated, allowing the dye to fluoresce. The increase in fluorescence signal indicates the presence and quantity of the target DNA.


Immunofluorescence assays (IFAs): IFAs are used to detect antigens (molecules that the body's immune system recognizes) in tissues or cells. In IFAs, dyes can be conjugated to antibodies that bind to specific antigens. The presence of a fluorescent signal indicates the presence of the target antigen.


The use of dyes and quenchers allows for the development of highly sensitive and specific diagnostic assays. These assays play a critical role in the diagnosis and management of various diseases.



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HEX Dye Amidite

Catalog No.: OP-011
Molecular Formula: C46H52N3O10Cl6P

5'-Biotin Phosphoramidite

Catalog No.: ON-023
Molecular Formula: C46H64N5O6PS

Fluorescein-dT Phosphoramidite

Catalog No.: PD4-006
Molecular Formula: C79H89N6O17P

Cyanine 3 Phosphoramidite

Catalog No.: OP-038
Molecular Formula: C58H70ClN4O4P

HQ-F554 Phosphoramidite

Catalog No.: OP-028
Molecular Formula: C52H59Cl3N3O10P

Cyanine 5 mono MMT phosphoramidite

Catalog No.: OP-057
Molecular Formula: C60H72ClN4O4P

6-ROX NHS Ester

Catalog No.: ON-101
Molecular Formula: C37H33N3O7

HDQ-1 CPG 1000Å

Catalog No.: ON-088

HDQ-2 CPG 1000Å

Catalog No.: ON-095