Solid Support


In oligo synthesis, a solid support, also referred to as a resin,  plays a critical role. These are tiny, insoluble particles, typically ranging from 50 to 200 micrometers in diameter, that serve as an anchor for the oligonucleotide chain during its assembly.


The two most prevalent types of solid supports for oligo synthesis are:


Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) - the current gold standard. It's a silica-based material with a well-defined pore structure that allows for efficient delivery of reagents throughout the synthesis process.


Polystyrene - A less expensive option compared to CPG. However, it can suffer from limitations like swelling and shrinking during the various chemical reactions involved in oligo synthesis, which can affect coupling efficiency.



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HDQ-2 CPG 1000Å

Catalog No. ON-095

Cholesterol-TEG CPG 500Å (plant source)

Remarks: Plant Source
Catalog No. ON-423
Molecular Formula: C65H94N2O12

Cholesterol-TEG CPG 1000Å (plant source)

Remarks: Plant Source
Catalog No. ON-424
Molecular Formula: C65H94N2O12

TEG-GalNAc Cluster Succinate CPG (500Å)

Catalog No. ON-431
Molecular Formula: /

3'-thio modifier 6 S-S-DMTr-linker CPG (1000Å)

Catalog No. ON-526
Molecular Formula: /